You may not be familar with IR Engraving, but you know their work. That is because IR Engraving is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of textured rolls, plates, and gravure rolls. These plates and rolls provide texture, embossing, and printing for large-run consumer manufacturing. If you have ever used a paper towel with the logo embossed or put vinyl siding on your home, you know of their work. IR Engraving reached out to Copper Note to find a better way to present their professional craftsmanship and wide-ranging capabilities in a clean, modern way.

Building with WordPress

A flexible, open-source content management system fit well with the needs of IR Engraving as it allows the marketing team to manage and publish content on their own without requiring advanced technical knowledge. WordPress maintains optimizations for search engines, provides advanced media embeds for video and image galleries, and keeps lead generation functionality efficient. This enables the marketing and sales teams to focus on their area of expertise, using the website as a tool that makes their work more effective.

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